A Minecraft Bedrock world rendering tool

papyrus is an open source tool that allows you to render and visualize your Minecraft: Bedrock Edition worlds as interactive (Google Maps-like) maps, which can be displayed in a browser for example.

papyrus itself is a command line tool which requires you to have basic knowledge of how to work with a terminal. However, if you’re not into that kind of stuff, there is a graphical user interface that offers you a kick-start to get your world rendered in no time!

There are two variants of papyrus, the main version written in C# and developed by DeepBlue4200, called papyrus.cs, and an experimental port written in JavaScript and developed by clarkx86, called papyrus.js.
It is recommended to just go with papyrus.cs, due to it being more field tested and stable.

Before using papyrus, please have a look at the corresponding documentation for papyrus.cs, papyrus.js and/ or the GUI. If you’re having any trouble figuring things out or experience any issues, we welcome you to our dedicated Discord server, where the developers and an awesome community will be able to help you in no time!

Graphical User Interface

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GitHub / Documentation

Thank you for using papyrus.
We would like to thank the amazing community on Discord and especially all the contributors on GitHub!